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«Digitalización, seguridad y eficiencia»

We put at your disposal the latest technology in maintenance and monitoring of the maneuver of your elevator. Because excellent service means being aware of any incident in the elevator to resolve it as soon as possible.


Installation and assembly of elevators

We have a team of professionals to carry out customized installation and assembly projects for communities without a lift, new construction or replacement, in single-family homes, etc. Always offering them the most competitive prices on the market.

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Preventive maintenance in all brands with monthly visits

Ascensores Serki has a team of technicians specialized in Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of lifts, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

Adaptation to current regulations

Elevators are an essential element for our quality of life and comfort, for this reason they must evolve over time and adapt to new regulations and legislation and take advantage of the continuous advances and improvements in the lifting sector. 

According to Real Decreto 57/2005, the elevators put into service prior to the requirement of the requirements of Real Decreto 1314/1997 must be modernized, which implies greater technology and safety of the device.

Periodics inspections

In the R.D 88/2013 del 8 de febrero de 2013 approving the Supplementary Technical Instruction AEM 1 "Lifts" of the Regulation of lifting and maintenance devices, Section V, Article 11, contemplates the obligation of Periodic Inspections of lifting devices following a protocol already stipulated by an Organism of Authorized Control (OCA) to subsequently correct the various deficiencies found through the Conservative Company within the established period.

These inspections are mandatory by the administration and ensure that the revised facilities are framed within safety and comfort and adapt to new regulations and the legal framework.


  • Processing and assignment of an Authorized Control Body to carry out the Minutes according to the calendar of each elevator
  • Be present and provide the necessary assistance during visits and reviews of Authorized Official Bodies and by the Industry Delegation.
  • Carry out the necessary work to correct the deficiencies found in the Inspection Acts.

Accessibility and removal of architectural barriers

Experts in removing architectural barriers in buildings, preparing personalized technical studies according to the needs of the client and / or the neighborhood community. 

Management / Advice

We have a great advisory team on all aspects of your lift:

  • Grants
  • Projects for elevator legalization
  • Energy efficiency studies in your community
  • Legal advice
  • Financing

Access control

Installation of anti-vandal access magnetic keys

Energy saving

Installation of energy efficient and timed lighting in your elevator